The Client

Our customer is a healthcare centers system for elder people in Japan.

Business Needs

A sensors and camera system was applied to supervise and to take care of elders so timely assistance and support can be provided when needed. They need an agile solution which can be employed fast and expandable to grow the business at a reasonable cost.

The Solutionthcare

  • Analyze, design, and develop big data platform for customer on AWS using S3, Glue, Lambda, Athena, RDS,‚Ķ and server-less architecture
  • Migrate all data history to big data platform
  • Develop data pipelines to process all data used for BI, Data Analytics, and other applications of customer
  • FPT was assigned to manage the big data platform on behalf of the customers

The Benefits

  • Performance is 300 times faster: processing time of one day‚Äôs data decreased from 27 hours to only¬†5 minutes
  • The huge volume data of 3 years has been processed within 7¬†hours
  • The operational process was highly automated, and nearly No-Ops
  • Operational expenditures (OpEx) instead of CapEx, no idle cost
  • Increase business agility