Hyperautomation has enhanced businesses worldwide with its cost-efficiency and high customer satisfaction. Recent studies have shown that Hyperautomation can save up to 30% of global management costs, prompting demand for this technology sector with an apparent CAGR of 11.9% [1]. As such, in this week's Talk to Experts episode, Mr. Viet-Thang Nguyen, Managing Director of FPT Software’s Global Hyperautomation Program, will shed light on trends and applications of hyperautomation in the banking services sector and how financial institutions can succeed from leveraging advanced technologies. Prominently, Viet-Thang has advised businesses on the followings:

  • A definite overview of Hyperautomation in the Banking industry: (1) definition and benefits in enhancing customer experience, (2) current trends in adopting Hyperautomation. 
  • Main challenges for Banking services and how to solve them: (1) process standardization & optimization, (2) scalability and complexity challenges, (3) resistance to change.
  • Case studies in leveraging automation successfully from akaBot and an Innovative Vietnamese Bank. 

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