FPT Software’s Talk to Experts series aims to provide comprehensive knowledge of modern technology for tech-savvy worldwide. Our top experts will express their perspectives on technology trends and deep dive into the essence that makes up effective business practices and methodologies.

This month’s episode features Cloud migration. Indisputably, cloud technology has sputtered hopes for technophiles and investors worldwide with its competitive edge for businesses. Mr. Huynh Duy Le, Deputy Chief Specialist at FPT Software, has elaborated on the substantial perks of cloud adoption. According to Huynh, cloud adoption allows global businesses to engage with lucrative Return on Investment (ROI), easy data migration, and efficient cost and time management shortcuts.

Some key takeaways include:

  • Cloud technology provides corporates with easy deployment of new applications, thus engaging with a broader audience.
  • Cloud products are apt to transform businesses to be cost-effective and scalable.
  • Success Story from FPT Software: How the Smart Factory approach assists customers in achieving robust cloud implementation.

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