Send small articles, get big prizes! - “SHARE TO BE SHARED”, now cooperating with akaChain, announces BLOCKCHAIN as our next topic! Submit your article right now!


2018 was a rocky road for BLOCKCHAIN, but it is still considered to be a technology with high potential for businesses and daily life. Now together with akaChain, SHARE TO BE SHARED Team is delighted to bring you our topic of the month: BLOCKCHAIN. Submissions are now welcomed!


  • This topic submission period: Oct 1 – Oct 25, 2019 - NOW EXTEND TILL NOVEMBER 1
  • Who can attend: whether you are a FPT employee, an expert or a student, you are welcome to join as long as you have a valid Vietnamese bank account.
  • For each qualified article, the author received 500,000 VND/article and the articles will be published in the blog. You will have the chance to get event more prizes, as shown right below.
  • How to submit: Using this template, fill in the form below or mail your submission us at [email protected] with title [Fsoft Blog]_Article Name_Author.


With the topic BLOCKCHAIN, we are delighted to announce our guest judges from akaChain:

  1. Mr. Tran Hoang Giang - Co-Founder of akaChain
  • Mr. Ho Viet Hong – FPT Software Head of Marketing, Communication and Partnership


  • For every qualified article (uploaded to blog), the author receives: 500,000 VND/article.
  • You get to have several Monthly Awards:
    • 2 Best articles: 1,000,000 VND/article
    • 2 Best contributors: 3,000,000 VND/person

For more information regarding criteria, general rules and law, visit here to discover more.


- Hotline: 090 622 2460 (Ms. Phuong)

About our partner akaChain:

Akachain is a blockchain-as-a-service solution that brings the power of the blockchain to modern businesses. Akachain simplifies the development and manages a private blockchain system by providing automatic deployment solution on different cloud infrastructures, development/monitoring toolkits, ready-made business application templates and professional support services.


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By submitting articles related to monthly topics of competition, you will get 500,000 VND royalty for each qualified article and have a chance to receive the big prize UP TO 96 MILLION VND IN CASH.

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