In response to business disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies are reaching out to new solutions for higher effectiveness in financing and daily IT operation.

In the digital space, businesses are struggling to scale and transform. Yet, operational efficiency and cost-optimization become top priorities in the battle for bottom-line performance. The question for C-level executives is how to achieve both?

Rebadging IT Services personnel (Rebadging) is the acquisition/legal transfer of ownership of the relevant IT staffing resources, professional services personnel, and/or software developers for example, from the originating, or incumbent company over to the rebadging entity.

This infographic presents an outlook of:

  • What is rebadging?
  • Why enterprises should consider rebadging?
  • Why FPT is your best partner in rebading?
  • What value we bring?
  • Successful stories of our rebadging projects

Wondering why enterprises have chosen rebadging as a solution in pandemic time? Click here to see "COVID-19 Situation: An Operating Strategy To Drive Business Continuity"


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Author Tran Trang Linh