To help overcome many of the hurdles that many existing on-premise and SAP ERP customers are facing, SAP offers RISE with SAP. This new program offers a route to changing your business into an intelligent enterprise, with a simplified commitment to eliminate intricacy and a directed excursion through the interaction.

Why do businesses need RISE with SAP?

During the transformation journey, businesses may encounter various challenges, from digitizing old legacy systems, data contamination during migration to a lack of IT knowledge and support expertise. Understanding the need to address these problems, SAP has introduced RISE with SAP, a comprehensive solution helping enterprises avoid disruptions, gain efficiencies to fund innovation, and transform mission-critical systems without business risk.

The program assists companies in accelerating cloud adoption and focuses on providing customers with business transformation-as-a-service. RISE with SAP aims to provide more straightforward and more efficient workflows by offering one product with a bundle of existing SAP assets for a single price. The program only consists of one contract, allowing businesses to manage SLA, operations, and issues management without the hassle of signing contracts for each service. This is significantly beneficial for companies with smaller IT footprints, technical expertise, or budget, who are looking to move to SAP without compromising their existing systems or exceeding their compensatory spending. The application can also unlock new efficiencies by integrating intelligent automation across all mission-critical processes. That can also be delivered by providing continuous insight to optimize business processes and take charge of change using a versatile platform to speed innovation. 

How the program uses S/4HANA to accelerate DX for organizations:

With S4/HANA, RISE with SAP enables business applications to capitalize on the latest digital capabilities by offering solutions in the following areas:


RISE with SAP offers businesses the capabilities to process everything intelligently, specifically in the following competencies:

  • Analysis: Using S/4HANA Cloud, RISE with SAP provides comprehensive insights to its users, allowing businesses to deep dive into their system’s data to analyze to discover the best practice. The application analyses key categories of a business such as People and Human Experience Management, Digital Supply Chain, Intelligent Spend and Business Network as well as Customer Experience. RISE with SAP reports on how each component is performing, giving users an in-depth overview of their operational progress [2]
  • Design and simulation: This permits users to make better and faster business decisions by utilizing existing data. The data enforced business simulations to gather insights on what would make the best results, which can lead to 67% faster financial closing and 95% faster material requirements planning [3]
  • Enhance: The application of advanced technologies in the program, such as AI, no-code automation, SAP Intelligent RPA, can increase efficiency by automating all business procedures. AI-powered tailored insights will help businesses determine which processes should be automated for progress improvement.
  • Rollout and control:The component can provide all users with relevant documentation from a single database by process management and governing for end users.
  • Monitor: Real-time monitoring allows businesses to identify both weaknesses and opportunities at an early stage.
  • Manage: This creates a compound infrastructure service that links back to the rollout and governs components. It gives departments an administration region to collaborate and view the centre cycle, which means gaining complete visibility and governance over workflows.
  • Benchmark: RISE with SAP provides unique insights into the current performance of the business operational processes and functional usage. The application analyses current businesses’ performance to aggregate the industry’s KPI benchmarks. This information, provided by SAP aims to enhance and optimize current in-use business processes.

RISE with SAP has a notably simpler system architecture and data model in comparison to SAP ERP. Yet, it still supports high levels of automation and parallelization, which provides plenty of administrations that relate to areas of lifecycle management, analytics, and backing. Subsequently, businesses can run real-time investigation and simulations straightforwardly on value-based information, which empowers continuous decision-making. Enterprise will then reduce downtime by 10%-30% and lower cost by 15% at max for businesses operation [4].

Having RISE with SAP would allow users to work on large datasets in one system and deliver a reduced total cost of ownership, which is wonderful news for organizations considering early migration to S/4 HANA during the digital transformation journey.

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Current applications: Tontec International.

Tontec International, a world leader in designing and manufacturing plastic injection moulds, is accelerating its manufacturing transformation by adopting RISE with SAP, in an effort to stay at the forefront of the 4.0 transformation.

The adoption of “RISE with SAP” has assisted Tontec to expand its digital landscapes globally to make one coordinated and orchestrated manufacturing stage. Tontec applies RISE with SAP to manage its business processes, including financial reporting and disaster recovery, as well as to respond to evolving business conditions with speed and flexibility. The organization facilitated production planning and cost reporting through the quality management and production execution system connected with S4/HANA [5]. As a leading enterprise in various major industries like aerospace, automotive, industrial appliances, and more, RISE with SAP’s bundled services will drive Tontec’s development as a future-proof, digital-first manufacturing enterprise [6].

Co-developed industry solutions like SAP S4/HANA lessened the complexity of digital transformation, and the advanced program “RISE with SAP” made it much more accessible for business. After all, a business’s digital transformation journey will not be compelling if the top workhorses are still stuck in yesterday’s technology.


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