Over the past decade, organizations around the world have struggled with realigning people, processes, and technologies to drive innovations and transformations. As we navigate this evolving landscape, we find that success stories are not confined to traditional powerhouses. Rather, emerging economies like Vietnam have become excellent business and technology investment destinations to mitigate geopolitical-related risks while driving speed and scale, especially for medium-sized digital transformation projects.

Produced by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, this paper tells stories where strategic investments in emerging technologies and agile methodologies have enabled successful transformations. It also explores how enterprises can amplify their agility with vendor consolidation: condensing their long list of IT vendors to one or very few third-party service providers, which is also one of the most prominent success stories that FPT has delivered for our global clients.

Not just as an exposé of the modern transformational landscape, this paper also emphasizes FPT’s dedication to driving this paradigm shift. For business leaders and readers seeking a compact path to harnessing the power of digital transformation, we hope this report stands as your compass, guiding your journey toward accelerated breakthroughs.

Pham Minh Tuan
Chief Executive Officer, FPT Software