As COVID-19 cases reemerged in Vietnam, FPT has stepped up measures to keep its  people safe while maintaining business continuity. These latest set of actions were announced by CEO Nguyen Van Khoa between July 24 and 30:

  • Employees who have recently been to Da Nang and other affected areas must immediately notify the company, quarantine themselves, and work from home for 14 days. The same applies for employees who experience symptoms such as coughing, fever, chest pain, and shortness of breath.
  • All 36,000 employees must report their health status daily and use the company’s recommended contact-tracing app to get alerts if they are at risk of infection.
  • All member companies must put into action their work-from-home plans, ensuring remote-friendly infrastructure, data security, and work productivity.
  • Employees who remain in the workplace must strictly follow preventive measures including the use of face masks, frequent hand hygiene, two-meter social distancing, and so on.
  • Last but not least, the management board of all member companies must frequently update their business continuity plans and enact these changes in response to any new development.


FPT provides body temperature screenings at all office entries


After months of success in containing the outbreak, Vietnam reported its first COVID-19 death on Friday. The country also recorded a daily high of 45 new COVID-19 cases in Da Nang, raising the total tally to 509.

Since COVID-19 first hit Vietnam, FPT has taken several proactive measures in response to the pandemic. In March, the company donated 2,000 quarantine rooms and more than $850,000 in medical supplies to support front-line doctors. The company also came up with a number of solutions to help businesses overcome the pandemic’s challenges, from remote work automation to co-investment opportunities. On April 13, FPT was recognised by Forbes for having been “addressing the outbreak on several fronts”, alongside big names such as DBS Bank, Envision Group, Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma, and so on.