Vietnam IT Day is an annually event organized by Vietnam Software and IT Service Association (VINASA) and Vietnam – Japan IT Cooperation Club (VJC) aiming at promoting business cooperation between Vietnam and Japan enterprises in IT field. The event provide a good opportunity for Japanese and Vietnamese companies to exchange and update business cooperation information and discuss the possibilities of cooperation for the next fiscal year. This year with the theme of “Digital Transformation: The New Era for Vietnam – Japan IT Cooperation”, event takes place on 15th February 2017 in Tokyo , Japan.
At event, Mr. Kotaro MAENO Alliance Management Group Leader, 
New Business Development Department of FPT Japan will deliver a speech about ” FPT’S DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN RESPONSE TO JAPAN’S HUMAN RESOURCE SITUATION” . Let’s meet our Digital Transformation experts at the event and learn more about our digital transformation capabilities, understand your business goals, discuss successful customer engagements, and share the actionable advice tailored to your digital transformation plans.

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