FPT will co-host the 15th International Conference on Project Management - ProMAC 2023 - along with The Society of Project Management Japan and International Project Management Association. Taking place from November 29 to December 2 in Hanoi, Vietnam, this event will bring together practitioners, leaders, and researchers to engage in various discussions on project management related topics, management philosophies, and the latest global trends and developments. ProMAC 2023 offers an excellent opportunity for participants to gain fresh insights, make valuable connections within the project management community, and discover Vietnam as an emerging global digital hub.

As a keynote speaker at the conference, FPT Chairman Dr. Truong Gia Binh will share insights on the journey towards a happier future for individuals, success for organizations, and prosperity for nations. Additionally, he will shed light on Vietnam as a destination for addressing project issues related to value chain disruption and geopolitical factors.

For more information, please visit https://www.spm.or.jp/promac/2023/