ChemSCM 4.0

Over the last three decades, the chemical industry's global supply chain has steadily expanded. While this advancement has opened new market opportunities, it has also presented challenges due to increased complexity.

FPT Software will be attending ChemSCM 4.0, an annual event focusing on chemical supply chain management, on March 6-8 in Berlin, Germany. Over 100 supply chain managers, logistic heads, and technology experts will gather to discuss a range of topics including digitalisation, roadmaps to circular economy, and strategies to navigate industry challenges while capitalising on opportunities.

On the second day of ChemSCM4.0, FPT Deutschland GmbH’s Head of Manufacturing Digitalisation Mr Tung Ta Duc will have a keynote session on “Integrating smart manufacturing: Transforming the supply chain landscape for the enhanced impact and resilience”.

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