Leadership, technology, culture and collaboration continue to play an integral role in the delivery of an enterprise-wide transformation strategy. On May 12th 2022, FPT will be joining 2022 Victoria IT Leadership Summit, an event organized by Business Insights Asia Pacific (BIAP). Presenters will share their business transformation progress where technology, people and collaboration are in the heart of the journey.

Key discussion topics include connecting technology to business transformation; enabling cross functional and industries collaboration; driving organisational and cultural change through leadership capability; identifying new possibilities for value creation; building a data-driven enterprise; and looking ahead to the challenges and readiness to adapt technology and innovative approaches in the changing world of work.

Attending the summit as a Summit Partner and Exhibitor, FPT will showcase its digital solutions including Digital transformation, Machine learning, Data and AI, Security.

To learn more about the event and register, please visit https://biapac.com/events/vic-it-leadership-summit