The Client

The client is responsible for promoting and regulating the Singapore media sector. Client was founded by the Singapore government with the goal of developing Singapore as a global communications hub.

Business Need

  • The customer‚Äôs current Intranet was developed in SharePoint 2007 which also serves as a core platform for hosting multiple business processes (15 separate apps). Now they would like to upgrade the whole system to SharePoint 2013 since the tech is out-of-date, the system suffers poor performance and is hard to integrate.
  • The client also wants to revamp several apps and enhance with new functionalities.

The Solution

For UI & Business Logic:
  • Step 1 - Upgrade SharePoint Branding & UI. Develop custom themes, master page.
  • Step 2 - Upgrade SharePoint Content DB using self-developed PowerShell scrips to provision site collections, subsites, lists, items, documents.
  • Step 3 - Perform reverse engineering to understand the requirements. Upgrade application business logic & fix any server-side/client-side incompatibility issues between the two platforms.
  • Step 4 - Implement enhancements using front-end and back-end code (both S SharePoint Server Object Model and CSOM).
  • Step 5 - Completely re-write legacy apps that do not meet the new requirements or have poor design/performance.
For Data Migration: choose appropriate approach for each app:
  • Use FPT Citus¬Æ Migration Suite, develop data migration scripts and post-process tools.
  • Use Microsoft Content Database approach to upgrade directly from SP2007 to SP2010 temporarily and then to SP2013. Upgrade SharePoint‚Äôs branding and theme and create PowerShell scripts to migrate users.
  • Develop data verification tools to compare data and generate migration reports.


  • Team has delivered the system that meets customer expectations of quality and timeline with very little leakages found during User acceptance test.
  • Successfully replace legacy system with a stable SharePoint 2013 system that has better performance and user experience, and up-to-date business processes.
  • The new system integrates perfectly with existing AD, Email system, Enterprise Content Management system and other external applications, provides better synchronization between different departments.

Used Technology

  • Development: C#, ASP.NET, jQuery, SharePoint 2013 SOM/CSOM, SharePoint REST APIs, SQL Server 2012, Objective ECM, Bootstrap, Silverlight.
  • Tools: Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, PowerShell, STSADM cmdlets, FPT Citus¬Æ Suite.