The Client

innogy SE is a leading German utility company with revenue of approximately €50 billion, more than 40,000 employees and activities in various countries across Europe. With three business areas of Renewables, Grid & Infrastructure and Retail, they offer innovative and sustainable products and services such as storage technologies, electro mobility and energy efficiency. They have served and enabled 23 million customers to use energy more efficiently, hence improving their quality of life.

Business Needs

innogy SE owned a fleet of vehicles with 2000 drivers. Due to the huge amount of drivers (users), they put a lot of time and effort into manually supporting their fleet and handling administrative paperwork related maintenance issues. Thus, there was a huge growth in demand for a solution which was expected to connect users and 300 partnered garages/ tire dealers. They scouted for a partner who could develop an easy-to-use, highly secured and innovative application that could be quickly rolled out within their system. With such idea and concept in connection with an actual business need coming from a problem identified within the company, innogy SE approached FPT.

The Solutions

FPT came to a solution that they would build a Progressive Web Application (PWA) to route users to nearest garages/ tire dealers. In order to customize database (which comprises the list of garages/ tire dealers), FPT also developed the administration portal for management. A secured network layer which provides external-facing services (web content, APIs) to untrusted network (public internet) was also set up, ensuring only users of the client could have access to the application. The application, deployed in cloud using Amazon Web Services platform, is able to run on various OS mobiles and works as an offline search. Google API was used to convert garage and tire dealer’ addresses from text to latitude and longitude. Within three months, the application has been successfully developed and put into practice with three functions. Users can access Search Portal to navigate nearby garages/ tyre dealers either by postal code or GPS. The distance between user’s location and the garage’s location is calculated as crow flies (the shortest distance between two points). After deciding on a garage they have the option to directly call or send email to the responsible person of contact, set up appointment and rate services. The administration portal allows modifying information (add, remove or import data), which keeps database up-to-date as well as generating QR code for the most convenient access.

The Benefits

With Garage & Tire Dealer searching portal, FPT has offered innogy SE a high-availability and innovative location search engine solution which reduces tremendous amount of time and effort by efficiently navigating expected garages and tire dealers. It helps to decrease cost by connecting car users to near garage and tire dealers who offer special discount rate. 50% time saved is a significant improvement compared to innogy SE’s previous time-consuming process. As all users are able to give their feedback in connection with having their vehicle service regularly, they can identify the locations that deliver the best customer experience avoid locations with a rather poor quality of service. One of innogy SE’s biggest focuses has always been the creation of a most effective and satisfactory maintenance-process for their employees. This new application is a huge step towards a painless process to handle Germany´s annual safety-inspections that all vehicles have to undergo by law. The application has the potential to be extended to a full-featured Fleet Management System which functions as live monitor to track location, censor controller for predictive maintenance, scheduler, etc., contributing to successful logistics business. Upon the application’s success, FPT is entrusted to support innogy SE in future system and tool digitization projects.


Back-end side

Front-end side

- Backend: Java, Spring framework. - Container engine: Docker. - Garages & Tire Dealer Searching Portal: React, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, HTML Service Worker. - Administration Portal: React, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.