Reading and evaluating CVs plays an important role in the recruitment process at every technology company. It requires recruiters to have good knowledge about the field. Although it is sometimes a repeatable and boring task, but the huge number of applications may make them exhausted. FPT Software has created a solution called Future HR which can automate this process and help recruiters make decision faster.

The scarceness of proficient resources also the growing expectations of the fashionable day employee have additional magnified the quality of the human resource perform, while specific human resource functions are the responsibility of the human resource department, management of human resources is that the responsibility of all the managers in a company.

It is thus necessary for all managers to now and provides due importance to the various human resource policies and activities within the organization.

One of the hardest parts is recruitment challenges. This task will create it troublesome for you to search out candidates. Learning regarding challenges in enlisting and ways that to cut back them will ultimately facilitate attract a lot of shoppers and increase your billings. Working as a recruiter is associate degree exciting career. Sometimes, it conjointly comes with massive challenges.

In order to reduce working tasks, increase efficiency and performance, FPT Software created Future platform, which is the way we sole this challenges in talent acquisition.


Lack of communication and understanding between recruiters and hiring managers will cause ton of issues within the recruiting method, together with inability to spot the correct talent sets within the prospective candidates or choosing the simplest channels for sourcing the correct talent.

In FPT Software, the same problem occurred regularly, recruiters always assume that they need a high to very high understanding of the roles that they recruit. They think that hiring managers ought to do a stronger job of act what they’re searching for in an exceedingly candidate and supply relatable examples and complain that hiring manager expect recruiters to put candidates in hard-to-fill positions additional quickly than possible.

In the other side, managers say that recruiter have, at best, a coffee to moderate understanding of the task that they recruit. They said that recruiter candidate screening is insufficient and would lie recruiters should build a pool of talent for positions that the company does not continually must begin from scratch and rush to fill vacancies.

Candidates receiving many offers, even if you might be the first one who notice the right candidate, however chance are high that you’re not the primary. There are lots of recruiters out there, and plenty of are reaching intent on the identical candidates as you. You would possibly notice it troublesome to chop through the noise and catch the eye of nice candidates.

Lack of data analytics means lower performance. In our platform, all numbers will be showed to help our recruiters to make a good decision. ow many candidates are recruited from a university, how many of them has become a technical leader or protect manager. All this importance information will help them optimize their tasks to increasing recruitment process.

How could FPT Software go ahead in hunting talented candidate while the real fact is, IT pool in Vietnam is always smaller than expectation of our industrial. Salary, benefits, and work atmosphere are all immense details throughout a candidate’s decision. If your shopper doesn’t offer competitive compensation, it is going to be grueling to provide qualified candidates.

In a large organization with more than 1.000 employees, lack of communication between different units is a real situation. Therefore, in Future platform, we suggest a matching system between job description and manager requirement. Then a request was sent to recruiters, the matching system is search and recommend the most available candidate. The problem is, if you have four or fie candidates with the same number of experiences working years, how could you decide to take the best candidate. Our solution based on a deep neural network and recommendation system to screening candidate, depends not only on their graduate school, foreign language sill, position and certification, but also their communication skills and hobbies, which could be easily take from their CV.

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Future uses state of the art technologies in computer vision and natural language processing which automates application reading and evaluating process of human resource department. It quickly translates information of a potential candidate from his CV into company database and estimate his ran and salary level in couple of seconds.

With many of technology such as Deep learning, Recurrent Neural Network, Convolutional Neural Network, Tensorflow, Keras, Laravel…Future HR provides the best solution for big companies or corporations which need to sole a huge number of applications in short period of time. And help companies cut cost, decrease recruitment time, evaluate candidates with more accuracy.

Future platform will also suggest candidates offer and job rank based on their CV information.

The heart of Future platform is extracting CV information. Using of computer vision, deep learning, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithm lie Hidden Markov Model, we have successfully completed the project, increase our performance by 40% in recruiting task and saving a lot for financial.

Human resources are the foremost valuable and distinctive assets of a company. The winning management of an organizations human resources is an exciting, dynamic and difficult task, particularly at a time once the globe has become flat. Believe that, with Future HR, the problem of human resources is no longer a big concern. 

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Author Tran Vinh Ngoc