akaWORK, a DevOps system, brings automation to approach and analyse information with an aim of enhancing and customizing services to suitably meet consumer preference. 

Why akaWork

akaWORK brings automation to the quality control including planning, coding, testing, delivery to approach and analyse demands, trends etc. with an aim of enhancing as well as customizing services to suitably meet consumer preference.

In FPT Software, the story of DevOps has been launched since 2016, 2017 by applying automation tools for source code scanning, testing and deployment in delivery units, named CICD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment). With an effort to ensure quality along with the support from TQA, the implementation of automation tools for quality management has been deployed. However, this application has been far from completion, each unit has different procedure, different tool selection and has not been put into a complete process along with specific instruction. 

In early 2018, with the mission to change software implementation of FPT Software, akaWORK was created to build up a system and standard based on the concept of DevOps. This system focuses on improving quality through the application of scanning tools such as Sonar, Coverity, code review .., tightening security through the program of Secure Coding and Security Scan, Security Advisor from Coverity, tightening the open-source management by complying with the OSS Scan procedure before each release.

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A powerful integration tool 

akaWORK takes the role as the mandatory SDLC process in FPT Software, becomes a shining spot that benefits customers when they use FPT Software’s services as well as gaining customer trust.

akaWORK consists of akaBOARD, akaPIPELINE, akaTEST and akaADVISOR components. 

When planning, coding and testing, you are required to have a consultant to be involved in making appropriate estimates for a specific project line: who possess experience, what are the most common mistakes, which libs and components should be used while coding. Under these circumstances, it is compulsory to have a support and this is the reason of forming akaADVISOR, which offer you the advices based on the experience of AI collected through thousands of projects in FPT Software.

When committing code, you need pipeline supports in scanning the source code, running the automation as well as deploying it for quality assurance, you need the system to automatically generate this pipeline, so we name it akaPINELINE & akaREPOS.

When testing, you will need a system to support test case management, automation script creation and test report management. This system is akaTEST. For managers, how to manage the project’s progress and status? How to inform managers in the most transparent and real-time manner without sending through any manual report system? It is not necessary to run through a wide range of tool systems to get the project’s overall result. AkaBOARD was born to support the centralization and gain insight view of the project’s real status through a flexible and comprehensive dashboard system for each management level including project, program, portfolio...

In the world of DevOps tool chain system, akaWORK is considered as a powerful integration tool. Companies and projects using existing tool systems are not required to change their tools instead, connections will be centralized for management through akaINTEGRATION which is the akaWORK’s core technology.

In terms of management, akaWORK is a tool for effectively connecting, communicating between managers and projects, between developers and operators as well as among all project members. Also, it is a tool for the accurate assessment of each project member’s productivity and quality without any bias evaluation system.

Collaborating with giants to create a product that is highly appreciated and recognized by partner is the goal that akaWORK is aiming for because this product will be FPT Software’s set of intellects and software development experience.

For more information about akaWORK, visit: https://www.fpt-software.com/product/akawork/

Author Nguyen Phuong Lan