03 Reasons Why OutSystems is a Top Choice for Your SAP

SAP has long been recognized as a leading business software that allows enterprises to automate, manage and streamline processes. SAP software helps companies to consolidate various silos of data and information across departments and enable better decision making. Since SAP is often a huge investment of any businesses, how to make the full use of such universal software while still being able to drive innovation, is always a big question for CIOs. Luckily, there is one cure for that headache: OutSystems, the tier 1 low-code platform in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

One platform for all customization you need

With 200 million cloud users across 180 countries, SAP is undoubtedly the most popular and familiar software application for enterprises. Yet, like any other software, SAP systems need to be improved and customized fast based on business needs, especially in today’s digital era when consumers’ demands keep evolving. In this domain, a low-code platform like OutSystems proves its added value. The platform simplifies upgradation process by offering an all-in-one platform that allows applications under SAP system to be enhanced and modernized quickly. More than just a matter of convenience, this significantly reduces IT costs incurred as developers no longer have to use multiple platforms and technologies to customize or upgrade SAP functionalities.

Innovate with minimal disruption

OutSystems platform complements SAP solutions by offering organizations the quickest and easiest way to develop applications. Just some drag-and-drop gestures, and a new application can go live within a few days or even overnight. Enterprises can have a layer on top of SAP that allows them to create tailored processes and workflows, yet still tightly integrated to the SAP backend. The systems developed on OutSystems are also highly flexible, as they can be enhanced constantly. In short, this low-code platform enables enterprises to implement process customization outside of SAP at a much lower cost and with less complexity, thereby creating minor impacts to ERP core flow and minimizing business disruption.

Risk-free migration to S/4HANA

Early in 2018, SAP announced that enterprises using an SAP ERP will have to migrate to S/4HANA by 2025, which poses a challenge for organizations to look for an effective way to migrate their system before the deadline. As OutSystems offer seamless SAP integration and upgradation, it is not difficult to explain why this low-code platform brings virtually no risk for enterprises when migrating to S/4HANA. Using OutSystems as a layer on top of existing SAP instances, firms can break large migration projects into phases to complete them faster, with little risk and no impact on end-users.

OutSystems also provides 3 options for SAP customers to keep everything manageable and at the same time be innovative when they want to modernize the current SAP environment: greenfield approach (migrate data only or no migration at all, work to streamline processes instead), full migration (migrate the whole package), hybrid migration (build customizations outside of SAP).

For the first two options, OutSystems can be part of the journey, enabling enterprises to quickly turn innovative ideas into new functions or applications that can be added to the existing systems. For organizations choosing hybrid migration, before the implementation, they can use a low-code platform to develop the non-core pieces and applications used by the system. By doing that work in advance, the SAP system is cleaned of the parts that make the migration tricky. Afterwards, their businesses will only use S/4HANA for what SAP does best—enterprise resource planning—and other apps for what it doesn’t do best. Each option is suitable for particular types of enterprises and their current SAP systems, but no matter what the choice is, OutSystems will undoubtedly help them to get the most out of S/4HANA.


Extending SAP with new and innovative solutions has never been easier with OutSystems. By combining SAP with add-ons and custom applications developed using OutSystems, companies can add speed, flexibility and agility to SAP without major disturbance.

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Fast-forward your journey with FPT

As Global OutSystems’ Elite Partner, FPT strives to provide organizations with outstanding low-code solutions that enable and accelerate digital transformation. With nearly 600+ OS certified professionals, we help to flawlessly complement and future-proof your SAP through our end-to-end services, which comprise of assessment, development, training, deployment and maintenance. FPT’s flexible working models and extensive experiences in SAP solutions also reduce overall IT spending of clients on renovating their ERP systems.

Especially, our profound expertise in a wide range of domains and business functions such as production, purchasing, sales, finance, services, human resources, etc., along with our global presence in 25 countries allows us to share industry’s best practices as well as latest trends in modernizing SAP by OutSystems across regions and sectors. Apart from Low-code, enterprises are also offered a diversified portfolio of other emerging technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloudification, Internet of Things,…

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Author Pham Mai Ngan