On October 7th, FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh joined the Global Business Forum Nikkei Asia300 organized by Nikkei organizations in Bangkok, Thailand. The event aims to recognize big enterprises in Asia, with strong human resources and technical capabilities to compete in the global market.

At the forum Mr. Binh stressed that IT services in Vietnam and FPT, even at a low price, but is fully capable of competing with Indian IT outsourcing companies with the highest quality standards. This is represented in FPT’s strategy to enhance both in human resources and technology.
Mr. Truong Gia Binh also positioned that FPT is expanding its business in Internet of things and is making practical solutions at full tilt. Binh said, “We are not only growing to become subcontractors but also aim to create something new by ourselves as Silicon Valley’s companies”.
About Event: Nikkei Asia 300 Global Business Forum is an international conference to discuss the outlook of management strategies and the Asian market, where companies selected as “Asia 300″ leading companies in Asia as well as several Japanese companies gathered to spread the business in Asia. This time, top leaders of companies discussed strategies and challenges of Asian companies to make bold move to expand into global market with competitive environment on the theme “Asian companies to make global challenge”.