No CODE Project Name Project Area Technology Project Overview
1 AIC01 Trajectory Optimization in Multiple Object Tracking Research and Development AI, Multiple Object Tracking,
PyTorch, Tensorflow
Detecting multiple moving objects in videos using deep learning.
– Optimization and prediction pathways of an object.
– Quality control, product management, and labor safety inspection using AI cameras.
2 AIC02 2D & 3D visual inspection Research and Development 2D, 3D visual inspection, Pytorch, C++, C#, OpenCV, PCL, Open3D 2D and 3D visual inspection application can be used for quality control (identifying flaws or inconsistencies in manufactured parts before they are assembled into final products).
3D LiDAR technology uses lasers to create a three-dimensional map of the environment, hence being able to detect and track real-time objects. With data collected by the LiDAR sensors, machine learning algorithms can be trained to recognize the shape and movement patterns of drones in order to detect and track, even in complex environments (e.g. cities, forests).
3 AIC03 DeltaForce IvyChat Demonstrative AI Product Development AI, specialized LLM, Auto Agent, Software development Bring potentials of Large Language Model to actual use cases in various industrial business users by:
– Leveraging the power of pretrained GPT models.
– Customizing smaller language models that fit into on-premises settings while preserving the quality in special contexts.
4 AIC04 Foundation Language Models of Code Research and Development LLM, AI4Code, NLP – The project aims to create our own proprietary language models (e.g. F-GPT, F-T5, and F-BERT) tailored to the unique needs and challenges of our industry, with a focus on enhancing developer productivity and software quality.
– The outcome of project is a new foundation model for code that can outperform the existing ones (Llama, Alpaca, etc.) on code generation, a program repair benchmark, an open-source project and a paper submitted to a top-tier conference.
5 AIC05 CodeVista: Question-Answering for Code Repository through an Interactive Dialogue Interface Research and Development LLM, AI4Code, NLP – The objectives of the project to create our own proprietary language models (e.g. F-GPT, F-T5, and F-BERT) tailored to the unique needs and challenges of our industry, with a focus on enhancing developer productivity and software quality.
– The outcome of project is a chatbot interface that is integrated with IDEs, such as VSCode, IntelliJ to assist software developers.
6 AIC06 Resource Allocation R&D and Product development High data science skills (using Python, Pytorch, Scikit-learn, ML models, etc.), Azure data platform, databricks, etc. This project aims to research and develop a data science product for employee skill management in an IT company having 100,000 employees in order to assign the right person to the right task at the right moment. It involves:
– Identify the human resources required to complete a specific project or task.
– Priorities these resources based on their availability and importance.
– Allocate them accordingly based on employee profile of skills, attitude, performance rating, etc.
7 FST01 FSOFT Datalake Azure, PBI SQL Server, ADF, Microsoft Analysis Service and PowerBI, Paginated Report Builder, Analysis Services, Data factory (V2), Logic app, Private endpoint, Storage account Project overview: The FSOFT Datalake project applies industry well-known best practices in Data Warehouse system design to support business intelligence (BI) activities for FPT Software. It consolidates data from multiple sources (MIS, CRM2, SOM, TMS, BPS2, etc.) into a centralized Data Warehouse, and establishes an efficient data model, which allows organizations to derive valuable insights for decision-making (e.g., Revenue, Expenses, P&L).
This system includes 3 sub-modules:
– Management: reports for management operation.
– Executive: reports with more insight for C-Level make quick decision.
– FSU: Data sharing and supporting FSU make their own report for management operation.Benefit: Chance to learn and work with Microsoft domain (e.g. Azure Cloud, Azure Data Factory, DWH Design, Analysis Service / DAX, Power BI Report builds, Azure SQL Server, SQL General, Large data processing in SQL).

Project tasks: This project will be managed using Agile/Scrum and interns will participate in all the phases, including planning, designing, coding, and testing. The activities include:
– With Database Developer:
+ Study about Data Warehouse, Azure Data Factory, DWH Design, Azure SQL Server, SQL General Large data processing in SQL
+ Work with Azure Data Factory, DWH Design, Azure SQL Server, SQL General Large data processing in SQL for transform large data.
– With Font-End Developer:
+ Study about Analysis Service / DAX, Power BI Report builds, Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) language.
+ Work with Analysis Service / DAX, Power BI Report builds to build report/dashboard.

8 FST02 Digital Adoption Platform Application
Spring framework, Bootstrap, OAuth2, GraphQL, RDBMS, Redis, Docker, CI/CD Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a software layered on top of an application (including native app, web-app) to improve application adoption through interactive workflows (combination of components such as tooltips, hotspot, dialog…), and to encourage and teach employees to use the application more efficiently. Hence, it increases employees’ productivity with little time spent to understand new application or update, reducing technical support calls and training cost, and enhancing UX with personalized guidance.

The on-going DAP project at FPT Software technically exposes 3 sub-applications:
– Chrome extension to render guidance layer on-top of the target website, collect users’ behavior to send back to server for data analysis purpose.
– Content editor to inspect DOM elements on target website and create guidance content accordingly.
– Administrative page for configuration and reporting features.

Project tasks: Interns have opportunity to join a full software development lifecycle (SDLC) for one or multiple main features from architecture selection/design till verification and post-launching. Including but not limited to:
– Building an MVP product with joining team in giving trade-offs decisions if any to secure the roadmap and quality committed.
– Designing data flow, logical processing as well Front-end implementation to ensure lowest impact to target webpage’s performance while on-fly transmitting back-and-forth tons of data.
– Customer/User-centric design to create the highest personalized and efficient guidance/workflow.
– Data-centric design to ensure administrative people get the most valuable info from users’ pain-point and the disruption of target application adoption.
– Security-related verification activities.

9 FST03 In-house Development Projects Application
Micro-service architecture, Spring framework, Hibernate/JPA, Oauth2, Netflix OSS, MySQL, Angular 7+, Bootstrap, Docker, CICD Web application projects utilize the Java-based platform with Microservices architecture. They span across various domains including:
– Human Resource: Contract management, Checkpoint management, Organization chart change management, Training management, etc.
– Accounting & Finance: Budget management, ePayment, ePurchase, Expense management, etc.
– Admin: Time management, Bus management, Asset management, Travel management, etc.
10 GST01 Point Of Sale device (POS) app development Payment application Android, Kotlin, SQLite,
Room Database, EMV payment standard, Payment application, Coroutine
Develop an application running on Point-Of-Sale device (POS).
A payment application on a sale device is software that allows customers to make electronic payments using their credit or debit card at the point of sale. Sale devices equipped with payment applications are commonly found in retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses that accept card payments.
11 GST02 Extension libraries development Application, Library
Android Java, Kotlin, KMM, CI/CD Develop extension libraries supporting for payment applications development of NAR team.

The list of libraries includes:
– ingp-comms: create connections such as HTTP, TCP/IP, USB-CDC, Bluetooth serial for payment apps to a PC or server.
– camera-barcode-lib: scan QR code and take a picture with multiple ratios.
– wic-service: read and write WIC cards.
– host-module-fiserv-carat: host module using RestAPI of NAR team.

All these libraries are now in KMM cross-platform project technology.

12 GST03 Super App Development Mobile Application
Swift, UIKit, Auto Layout, RxSwift, RxCocoa, CocoaPods, Firebase, Realm, Alamofire, Google Maps Develop a super app with variety of services (e.g., booking car, ordering food, bus rides, etc.) using Swift, Auto Layout, UIKit, and RxSwift.

Alamofire to communicate with the backend, Realm for the database, and Firebase for remote configuration.

13 GST04 Super App Application
JavaScript, TypeScript
Docker, AWS, FCI
Develop a super app to serve various purposes like entertainment (news, dating, chatting with colleagues), payment and workplace compliance (leave requests, rewarding, time management) for approximately 100,000 internal users.

Project activities: Develop and design API as well as Database, which include planning, communicating, designing, coding, deploying and publishing application.

14 SAS01 SAS Cloud Security Cloud Security AWS/Azure/GCP
CSPM tool
Cloud security is a collection of security measures designed to protect cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data. These measures ensure user and device authentication, data and resource access control, data privacy protection, and regulatory compliance. Cloud security is employed in cloud environments to protect a company’s data from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, malware, hackers, and unauthorized user access or use.

Interns will have the opportunity to:
– Be exposed to cutting-edge security technologies.
– Gain technical / non-technical skills in Cloud Security domains.
– Gain experience with cloud security practices with Azure, AWS, GCP Cloud service.
– Participate directly in significant projects, consulting on and analyzing cloud infrastructure security for customers.
– Work alongside seasoned cloud security experts.
– Improve communication and presentation skills, as well as enterprise working culture.

15 SAS02 SAS CyberSecurity CyberSecurity Engineering Azure Sentinel, AWS, Splunk, Splunk Phantom SOAR, Cortex XSOAR Security playbook is a comprehensive guide outlining best practices and procedures for managing security incidents and ensuring system and data safety. As a roadmap to navigate through potential threats and vulnerabilities, a well-developed security playbook can prevent security breaches, reduce downtime, save costs, and protect the organization’s reputation.

Joining in the security playbook development project, interns will have the opportunity to:
– Gain exposure to cutting-edge security technologies.
– Work alongside seasoned security experts.
– Develop a comprehensive guide to manage security incidents and ensure system and data safety.
– Develop customized playbooks for global competitors.
– Gain valuable experience in the world of security.
– Make a tangible impact on the organization’s safety and success.

16 TCS01 Realtime monitoring application Application development & modernization, Cloud, Data & Analytics, AI, IoT, RPA, Transformation, Renewable Energy Cloud, Big Data, Forecast, Tableau, BI Report, etc. Using technologies such as: Cloud, IoT, Big data, and AI to develop real-time monitoring application, operational capabilities, and to predict wind farm power across multiple wind farms located in countries.
17 LTS01 Neosearch Application
Elasticsearch, Javascript, Hive, SQL, Perl, OracleERP, etc. Neosearch is building an end-to-end data platform with user-friendly report and dashboard interfaces.
1. Big data system that utilizes Hadoop eco-system technologies such as HDFS, HIVE, Pig, and Elastic Search on the Cloudera platform.
– Process big data that come from global client’s ERP, SAP, and SFDC systems using ETL processes with Hive.
– Handle complex business logic to ensure data accuracy and completeness through diligent implementation of software engineering best practices for reliable, scalable and efficient system.2. A BI web interface that allows clients to build and configure reports and charts. With the feature query builder interface, business users can extract information from reports or query the data warehouse and use it directly.

Project tasks:
– Develop and implement ETL processes with Hive to efficiently process and store large volumes of complex data from various ERP, SAP, and SFDC systems worldwide and ensuring that the processed data is accurate, complete, and meets the requirements of our clients.
– Design and implement complex business logic to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the processed data. Work closely with the team to ensure that business logic requirements are met, and that the system operates smoothly.
– Develop and maintain the BI web interface that allows clients to build and configure reports and charts.

18 LTS02 SwitchMail Application
Elasticsearch, ReactJS, NodeJS, CI/CD SwitchMail is an innovative project that offers fast, easy, and time-saving online mail delivery services. By connecting with the nearest printing providers which are nearest to recipient for printing options, it brings convenience communication to merchants, insurance, etc… to manage their customer’s orders/invoices by using SwitchApi (API, Web application, mobile app, locker app) in the system.

Project tasks:
– Create a restful API, write unit test (TDD).
– Define index, type in Elasticsearch, write query, and do aggregation for statics.
– Web application (responsive).
– Cloud AWS.
– Daily report with team or PM about task status and issue.
– Meeting with customer about solution and estimation.
– Resolve problem.

19 LTS03 Parcel locker Application
Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, ReactJS, Redis, Docker, CI/CD Parcel Locker is a project that manages parcels, lockers (create module, template, device, check status, check the place locker is allocated), logistics, address book, translations, and sites. It includes types (API, Web application, mobile app, locker app) in the system.

Project tasks:
– Create a restful API, write unit test (TDD, BDD).
– Define index, type in Elasticsearch, write query, and do aggregation for statics.
– Web application (responsive).
– Daily report with team, PM about task status and issue.
– Meeting with customer about solution and estimation.

20 DNA01 Data management Data Engineering / Data pipeline AWS Services: Lambda, StepFunction, CloudFormation, Glue (Spark)
Database: AWS Redshift, DynamoDB
Backend: AWS Chalice, Docker, Airflow
Languages: Python
The project aims to improve data management efficiency in the organization and enable better decision-making through reliable and accurate data.

Key tasks of the project involve developing a data platform that orchestrates data ingestion and transformation into the datalake and datamart. The platform will facilitate processing large data volumes and ensure their availability for analysis and reporting. Additionally, a service will be developed to automatically detect and issue warnings about sensitive data, improving data platform security and prompting relevant stakeholders to take appropriate actions to safeguard the data.

21 DNA02 Data warehouse Data Pipeline/Data warehouse SQL, Python, Talend, Tableau
Google Cloud Platform, Boomi, Terraform, Git
The project involves user collaboration to design, build, test and deliver a robust and efficient data warehouse system. Its goal is to meet the organization’s diverse needs by gathering requirements from various departments and stakeholders, designing the appropriate data models, building ETL processes to extract, transform and load the data, and testing the system to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

The project also focuses on data governance, which involves establishing policies, processes, and procedures for managing data throughout its lifecycle. This ensures data accuracy, consistency, and security and help with regulatory compliance. Overall, this project aims to improve the organization’s ability to manage and leverage its data assets to support better decision-making and operational excellence.

22 DNA03 Cargo Application Development – Backend: Node.js (Express.js, Nest.js, Hapi.js)
– Frontend: ReactJS, AngularJS, Nx.js
– Cloud: Azure Cloud Service (App Service, Blob service, Redis Cache, DevOps, etc.)
– Database: CosmosDB, Azure Synapse Link
Develop Cargo, an end-to-end logistic solution for aviation, that streamlines the movement of goods and products using air transportation. The Cargo system coordinates airlines, freight forwarders, customs agents, and shippers to ensure efficient and secure transportation of goods across countries and regions. It offers a range of services like freight forwarding customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution. Leveraging the speed and efficiency of air transportation, the system enables quick and reliable delivery of goods, which plays a vital role in global trade and commerce.
23 GAM01 Smart IOT Hub Embedded IOT C-programing, EFR32, BLE, WIFI, MQTT, Cloud The smart hub includes a MCU (EFR32), temperature, humidity, air quality sensor, IR led, and relays. It collects environmental data and connects to a local gateway (Raspberry Pi) via MQTT. Through a mobile application, users can control electronic devices and view sensor readings.
This project will be managed using Agile/Scrum, involving interns in all the phases: planning, designing, coding, and testing.