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Welcome to
FPT Software Sverige Grand Opening 

In collaboration with the Embassy of Vietnam to Sweden, we are delighted to welcome you to grand opening of FPT Software Sverige. This occasion represents a significant milestone in our mission to deliver innovative solutions and foster strong collaborations across Europe. 



  • Network with 500+ global corporate leaders, industry experts and media partners
  • Meet with FPT executives and your extended team in Vietnam



  • Engage in best-in-class technology discussions and showcases of top-notch innovative solutions.
  • Experience Hanoi and Vietnam in its best season of the year



  • Join the 35th Anniversary Celebration of FPT Corporation
  • Toast to the Opening of F-Ville 3 and the success of our continued partnership
14:00 – 14:30

Welcome and check-in

14:30 – 14:40

Opening Remark by FSOFT

Introduce the event and provide an overview of FPT Software.

14:40 – 14:55

Transformative Data: Pioneering Application Modernization and the AI Renaissance

In this speech we will delve into:

Understand the importance of aligning new and existing data to the capabilities of AI and the modernized application stack.

Learn how to update enterprise data governance and data management to ensure that business objectives of the investments into AI and effectiveness of App Modernization is realized.

14:55 – 15:25

Application Modernization in the era of AI

In this speech we will outline:

The role and roadmap of App Modernization in the AI era

Why App Modernization is crucial for advancing with AI/Copilot.

15:25 – 15:40


15:40 – 16:10

Scaling AI in Enterprise

In this speech, we will delve into:

How to scale AI within a non-tech enterprise: Discover how Petronas has introduced various AI products, including a Gen AI search tool "Jai," for general usage.

Learn about their ongoing experimentation and innovative approaches to incorporating AI features into existing products and toolsets.

16:10 – 16:40

From Potential to Reality: Invigorate the power of AI to herald the transformation

In this speech, we will cover:

An overview of AI and its future implications

The affordability of AI and its accessibility to businesses of all sizes.

Specific use cases for AI in CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Insights into leveraging AI for data analysis and decision-making

Introduction to AI Jumpstart and its role in accelerating AI adoption for organizations

16:40 – 16:45

Wrap up

17:00 – 20:00

Dinner and Networking


FPT Innovation Hub Opening is a significant event featuring a technology exhibition and conference. This premier venue will showcase the latest technology products, solutions, and services from the FPT 'Make in Vietnam' ecosystem and our partners. 
Join us as we unveil Europe's newest sustainable, high-tech hub to thousands of industry experts and technology enthusiasts.
Dr. Truong Gia Binh
Founder and Chairman
FPT Corporation
Mr. Pham Minh Tuan
Chief Executive Officer
FPT Software
Mr. Alex Clemente
Managing Director
Harvard Business Reviews Analytic Services
Mr. Akihito Fujii

President & Chief Executive Officer

KDDI Divergence cum KDDI Yakuin

FPT Software Europe
Accompany the Future in Europe
FPT Software Sverige is a subsidiary of FPT Software - a global technology and IT services provider headquartered in Vietnam.
Over the past decade, we have reinforced FPT Software’s ambitious pursuit of global expansion, with 16 offices across Europe. FPT Software has become a reliable partner in digital transformation for 70 leading European business clients, delivering top-tier solutions in various domains such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), SAP transformation services, Cloud Migration, Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Factory, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Lowcode, and Testing.
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